Entry Thread Size(M)Thread Length(?) - MinCable DiaHexagonLength(L)
Part No.DimensionsGlandFlexible
OS-A2F-UEP 16 (16)M161/2"M201515153 ~ 7H24 x P2631
OS-A2F-UEP 16X (16)M161/2"M201515155 ~ 10.3H24 x P2631
OS-A2F-UEP 20 (16)M201/2"3/4"1515169 ~ 15.3H27 x P2933
OS-A2F-UEP 25 (22)M253/4"1"15161813 ~ 20H32 x P3434
OS-A2F-UEP 32 (28)M321"1-1/4"15181917 ~ 26.5H39 x P41.538Standard 500mm 700mm 1000mm ?
OS-A2F-UEP 40 (36)M402001-01-041-1/2"15192122 ~ 32H48 x P5140
OS-A2F-UEP 50 (42)M501-1/2"2"15212430 ~ 42H58 x P6242
OS-A2F-UEP 63 (54)M632"152439~ 51H73 x P7846
OS-A2F-UEP 63X (70)M632-1/2"152746 ~ 55H73 x P7846
OS-A2F-UEP 75 (70)M752-1/2"152754 ~ 61H85 x P9052
OS-A2F-UEP 75X (82)M753"153058 ~ 68H94 x P9952
OS-A2F-UEP 90 (82)M903"3-1/2"20303266 ~ 78H103 x P10960
OS-A2F-UEP 100 (104)M1003-1/2"4"20323277 ~ 89H 112 x P12069
Design SpecificationBS 6121, IEC 62444, EN 50262
Compliance StandardEC/EN 60079-0, 1, 7, 31
ATEX CertificationPresafe 17 ATEX 11454X
IECEx CertificationlIECEx PRE 17.0062X
Code of ProtectionII2G Ex db IIC Gb, Ex eb IIC Gb, II2D Ex tb IIIC Db
Operating Temperature-60˚C ~ 110˚C
RegulationZone 1,2 & 21,22, Gas Group IIA, IIB, IIC,
Ingress ProtectionIP 66 / 67
P 68 available when requested only
Applicable Cable SpecificationNon-armoured cable, Braided armoured cable
Thread AvailableMale Type and Female type
Male and Male type
Female and Female
Gland MaterialNickel plated brass(standard),
Brass(only), Stainless steel(316L)
Flexible MaterialStainless steel(304, 316L)
Gasket (washer)Nylon(Standard), PTFE-Teflon(Option)
Accessories (optional)Lock nut, Sealing washer,
Earth tag, Serrated washer